DISH Hometown Heroes | Small town Heroes deserve big-time appreciation

DISH celebrates your everyday Heroes

Voting now closed for High School Coach of the Year

Small town Heroes deserve big-time appreciation.

Sometimes the best Heroes aren’t on a big screen–they’re right in your own backyard. From inspiring our kids to protecting our nation, everyday Heroes can make a big difference. At DISH, we believe small towns are the heart and soul of America, and we are committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Now you can honor those making an impact in your community by nominating your Hero today!

Voting Closed

High School Coach of the Year

Winner Coming Soon

Military Member or Veteran of the Year

November 2022

First Responder / Healthcare Worker of the Year

February 2023

of the Year

May 2023

Bringing entertainment from the stage to your living room.

At DISH, it's important to honor people in small towns who are truly making a difference. So we're giving our winning Heroes the ultimate DISH Home Theater and Smart Home prize package, including a 55" smart TV and surround sound system. Plus, we will send the Heroes to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, where they will be recognized by some of Nashville's favorites.


Hometown Hero winner’s prize package includes:

1 number

DISH Home Theater AND Smart Home prize package

2 number

Trip to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville

3 number

$100 gift card to dine at Ole Red

4 number

Recognition on Coffee, Country and Cody and Opry Live shows

The prize package has total value of more than $6,400!

DISH Home Theater


Smart Home prize package


Voting is now closed for the High School Coach of the Year

The winner will be announced around October 14th, so check back soon!